Drivable outdoor pavings made of concrete or porcelain stoneware?

Drivable outdoor pavings. Which one is better: porcelain stoneware or concrete?

When planning drivable outdoor paving we must consider two criteria: the aesthetic beauty of the paving but, above all, the functionality of the material used. This is because outdoor paving is easily subject to wear due to weathering and the crossing of heavy loads.

Drivable areas need to be covered with surfaces able to ensure specific performances. From this point of view, does the concrete still appear to be the best choice for this kind of use?

The features of drivable outdoor paving

Drivable outdoor paving can be used to cover:

both environments for private use such as walkways, parking areas and gardens within one’s own dwelling.

And public spaces such as parking, city squares and any crossing or parking area intended for any kind of means of transport.

As previously said, not all outdoor materials are suitable to drivable outdoor areas because their strength cannot be compared to that of coverings specifically intended for the crossing of means of transport.

Thus, outdoor paving must be enduring, safe, strong, resistant to loads or the passage of vehicles, waterproof, slip-proof, resistant to climate changes, thermal shocks and weathering.

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Concrete for drivable outdoor spaces: an out-of-date material

Traditional concrete is widely used in drivable outdoor areas and other big outdoor spaces.

Concrete is chosen mainly because of its affordability. But, if we take into account the high costs due to its maintenance, the affordability fails.

Furthermore, concrete has a low resistance to weathering and wear:

  • it is subject to frost and UV rays
  • it has inadequate drainage, hence a higher degree of slipperiness
  • its surface and colour deteriorate over time

Finally, we must remember that drivable outdoor paving made of concrete represents one of the most harmful choices for the environment.

Concrete solutions have become less and less used because replaced by cutting-edge, eco-friendly and highly efficient products which combine design and efficiency.

Porcelain stoneware for drivable outdoor spaces: the efficient, aesthetic and sustainable solution

Resistant and customizable, porcelain stoneware is the best solution for drivable outdoor paving. What if we add that it is also eco-friendly?

We are talking about Grestone® Urban Pavings and Outdoor, the line of eco-friendly stones made of porcelain stoneware obtained by recovering inert materials coming from other production processes.

Grestone® Urban Pavings and Outdoor solutions offer great technical and aesthetic performance. Compared to concrete, Grestone® porcelain stoneware products ensure:

  • huge variety of aesthetic solutions
  • easy laying
  • low maintenance and easy cleaning
  • lack of porosity
  • resistance to chemicals and weathering, frost and UV rays
  • resistance to mould and moss
  • slip-proof
  • colour and appearance unchanged over time
  • durability and strength: ideal for heavy traffic and huge loads

Laid with the glue on screed technique, Grestone® surfaces with thicknesses 6.5 cm and 5 cm, are ideal for drivable outdoor paving. A high-value-added solution for outdoor spaces that makes of an unprecedented design strength its own trademark.

Plan in a safe, certified and guaranteed way with Grestone® Urban Pavings and Outdoor. Discover the whole variety of eco-friendly stones and cobblestones intended for many applications.