Porcelain stoneware for outdoor: what are the laying techniques?

Urban and residential outdoor environments are the true protagonists of the warmer time of the year. The increasing attention towards the sustainability of such environments has seen the establishment of proposals strongly focused on the use of porcelain stoneware with high- thickness for outdoor, compared to other materials much more harmful to the environment and not so efficient.

Whether it is street furniture or outdoor paving of a private dwelling, the common goal is to adopt efficient and sustainable solutions able to ensure aesthetic beauty and, above all, resistance and practicality.

From this point of view, along with the performance given by the physical features of outdoor porcelain stoneware with high thickness, the laying techniques are also very important. Which ones are the main techniques and how to choose the best for one’s own need?

The dry laying for outdoor porcelain stoneware ensures the lowest environmental impact because does not require the use of glues or chemical compounds. It is distinguished in dry laying on grass, gravel, sand and raised laying.

tecniche di posa per grestone gres porcellanato per esterni alto spessore. Prodotto unico per outdoor e urban design ecologico

Dry laying on grass for outdoor porcelain stoneware

Dry laying on grass allows the setting up of urban and outdoor spaces featuring the utmost freedom of expression, great versatility, ease of intervention and high technical performance.

Thanks to the dry laying on grass the porcelain stoneware outdoor creations catch the eye for the effortless elegance of patterns and, at the same time, give an immediate perception of strength.

Dry laying on gravel for porcelain stoneware outdoor pavings

Another kind of common laying technique of outdoor porcelain stoneware is dry laying on gravel.

Highly recommended for realising enchanting walkways or other solutions in urban areas, courtyards and outdoor relaxation spaces.

Dry laying on gravel has the advantage of being a fast and easy method of intervention, also in the case of subsequent removal and repositioning of materials.

Porcelain stoneware for outdoor and dry laying on sand

Dry laying on sand is a technique always suitable for outdoor porcelain stoneware.

This laying technique combines elegance and ease of laying and removal of slabs.

Ideal for seasonal facilities that require the highest anti-slip grip and prolonged resistance.

Raised laying for outdoor porcelain stoneware

Porcelain stoneware paving for outdoor, laid on raised pedestals, guarantees versatility, practicality and style.

It offers the chance to arrange cables and electric systems inside technical compartments and to reposition or renovate the flooring in the case of temporary installations by meeting aesthetic refinement and functional needs.

Combine the versatility of the laying techniques with sustainable porcelain stoneware solutions for outdoor: Grestone® Urban Pavings & Outdoor

Is there any product for outdoor spaces made of porcelain stoneware with a high thickness that allows the implementation of the above-mentioned laying techniques and is also sustainable?

The answer is yes: Grestone® Urban Pavings & Outdoor is the practical and innovative choice for urban design and sustainable outdoor projects.

An unparalleled eco-friendly porcelain stoneware stone – even on the market – it is available in special thicknesses, such as 40 mm, 50 mm and 65 mm, and in square and rectangular size.

The materials composing Grestone® Urban Pavings & Outdoor include up to 30% of inert materials recovered by other production processes. That generates a sustainable solution suitable to all green building projects which take into account the full product lifecycle and its environmental impact.

From the need for style, along with the practical need for a harmonious and efficient outdoor space, comes out the Grestone® Urban Pavings & Outdoor porcelain stoneware for outdoor.

With Grestone® Urban Pavings & Outdoor the design is getting much deeper, breaking new grounds with free and eclectic planning based on incredible stamina. Discover more.