Reducing the consumption of natural stones for street furniture

Natural stones have been for long time the primary source for the realisation of many projects in the architectural and street furniture field.

The use of such materials in the construction field is part of an obsolete system.

Nowadays the modern research and technology have made available new materials aiming at recovering the resources and renewing urban areas by applying the principles of the circular economy.

But what lies behind the use of natural stones?

With regard to ecology, the use of natural stones (marble, granite, onyx, quartz, porphyry, basalt, slate, etc.) in the construction field is strongly impacting  those areas subject to quarrying activities, which thus suffer severe consequences on the environment and landscape, such as:

  • soil erosion
  • deforestation
  • water pollution
  • air pollution and severe damages to the ecosystem

This should lead to a serious consideration on the choice of materials for urban and outdoor paving, along with the need of a new development approach based on ethics and sustainability.

Using ecological materials for street furniture

In the construction field building responsibly and sustainably is possible as long as eco-friendly materials for urban design and outdoor living are used, such as the porcelain stoneware, which traces back to the history of ceramic, and it is manufactured with accessible materials such as clay, feldspar, kaolin and sand.

The use of porcelain stoneware in the building sector, compared to natural stones, means sustainable manufacturing: porcelain stoneware lifecycle, from its production up to its disposal, has a lower environmental impact.

Studies have shown the growth in sustainable buildings market: all parties involved in such field are absolutely aware that, in order to solve the climate change issue, the green building practice and the eco-friendly street furniture are the right paths to follow.

Therefore, from the manufacturing systems of raw materials up to the planning and realisation activities, the best choice is the environmentally-oriented one.

Grestone arredo urbano ecologico che riduce consumo pietre naturali per pavimentazione esterna

Reducing the use of natural stones in the construction field thanks to Grestone®

Is there any sustainable paving able to match aesthetic appeal and technical features of natural stones? The answer is yes.

Grestone® Urban Pavings is the green choice for urban and outdoor paving: a one-of-a-kind porcelain stoneware resulting from a manufacturing process that complies with the principles of the circular economy.

We are talking about sustainable porcelain stoneware that:

  • is made of up to 30% of inert materials recovered by other manufacturing processes
  • is resistant to loads and all stresses caused by vehicular or pedestrian traffic
  • thanks to a wide variety of thicknesses, sizes and colors, allows a limitless planning, from street paving to all other elements of street furniture.

Grestone® Urban Pavings stands for technological innovation, aesthetic appeal, at the service of the environment and people.

Building sustainable cities able to ensure a better quality of life for anyone, is now possible thanks to Grestone® Urban Pavings.

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