Self-locking porcelain stoneware blocks: a functional solution for the sustainable urban drainage system

There is an alternative to asphalt and concrete scattered across the cities. We are talking about self-locking porcelain stoneware blocks, an innovative solution in terms of sustainability, performance and aesthetic, intended for urban construction.

Planning eco-friendly cities means adopting solutions able to prevent pollution, climate changes and, from this point of view, a careful choice of horizontal surfaces is becoming absolutely important.

Whether it is new urbanization plans, pre-existing paving replacement or urban renovation works, the self-locking porcelain stoneware blocks meet the needs of easiness of laying, resistance, aesthetic appeal and sustainability.

grestone masselli autobloccanti in gres porcellanato ecologico per pavimentazione urbana

Self-locking blocks and permeable urban spaces planning

The features of the self-locking porcelain stoneware blocks are suitable to sustainable urban area plans and prevent the distress caused by weathering, for example the heavy rain.

Most of the cities have covered urban green spaces with asphalt and concrete. Their impermeability does not enable the soil to absorb stormwater and, causes the overloading of drainage systems and the risk of floods.

The recent urban planning policies are now focusing on the requirements of the Green Public Procurement and are often adopting a preventive approach aiming at averting weather phenomena, such as floods, and preserving the groundwater and subsoil by planning permeable urban spaces.

The use of self-locking porcelain stoneware pavings for planning sustainable urban areas, besides preventing risks and damages provoked by floods, it fully complies with the principles of the green building practice, reducing pollution and preserving the balance of the ecosystem.

The advantages of the sustainable self-locking blocks made of porcelain stoneware

Why choosing sustainable self-locking blocks made of porcelain stoneware as a technical solution for the eco-friendly urban drainage system?

Let us take a look at all the features that make the outdoor self-locking porcelain stoneware paving suitable to such purpose:

  • the regular flow of rainwater prevents the risk of floods and make the streets safer;
  • its filtering capability allows to remove pollutants transported by water such as hydrocarbons and heavy metals, which sediment on surfaces and cause the pollution of the cities;
  • its permeability prevents water from being wasted and fosters its reuse because allows it to flow through the soil below, without releasing pollutants.
  • its absorbency ensures greater sunlight reflection avoiding the accumulation of heat and the relating urban overheating, the so-called “heat island”.
  • It offers economic advantages thanks to its resistance to wear together with easiness of laying and minimum maintenance.

Grestone® Urban Pavings launches the sustainable self-locking brand-new blocks made of porcelain stoneware

Multifunctional solution intended for a wide range of urban planning plans, Grestone® Urban Pavings offers  the sustainable self-locking brand-new porcelain stoneware blocks available in special shapes, such as the sanpietrino, with thicknesses of 40 mm, 50 mm and 65 mm.

In addition to what has already been said, Grestone® Urban Pavings ensures:

  • full compliance with the Green Public Procurement standards thanks to its composition that includes up to 30% of inert materials recovered by production processes. Grestone® Urban Pavings is a guaranteed and certified product, an outcome of the circular economy approach.
  • great resistance to stresses provoked by vehicular traffic, more durable than conventional materials (concrete, asphalt, etc.) and withstands time and wear.
  • Proper laying through the exclusive Smart Spacer System® that allows to decrease remarkably the time of laying thanks to the integration of spacers inside the body of the tile or sanpietrino, which ensure the thinnest grout line. You can get a perfect result by simply putting the tiles really close together.

Grestone® Urban Pavings is a revolutionary product that  comes from innovation, sustainability and style research, to conceive solutions suitable to the needs of urban spaces of today and tomorrow and, in particular, of a lesser impact on the environment.

Discover the versatility of this eco-friendly material, which respects the environment and fights the pollution.