Saxa Gres S.p.A. – extension of the duration of the “SAXA GRES S.p.A. – TASSO FISSO 2017” bonds

On 23 March 2017, the meeting of the holders of the notes named “SAXA GRES S.p.A. – TASSO FISSO 2017” AGGREGATE NOMINAL VALUE OF 14,000,000 GUARANTEED BY MORTGAGES AND BY A PLEDGE OVER SHARES (the “Notes”) (ISIN IT0005152043) has resolved an amendment of the terms and conditions of the Notes.

In particular, the meeting of the noteholders has decided to extend the term of the Notes by 3 (three) years (falling the new maturity date on 15 December 2020) and to modify the name of the Notes accordingly to “SAXA GRES S.p.A. – TASSO FISSO 2020”.

On the same date, the board of directors of Saxa Gres S.p.A. has taken all the necessary actions to implement and execute such resolutions.