1CM / 2CM
Porcelain tiles thickness

Porcelain tiles extra thickness

GRESTONE from 4,5CM to 6,5CM
The New Stone

What we do

Saxa Gres produces porcelain tiles (1 and 2cm) and extra thickness (3cm), for every tipology of outdoor and indoor location. From 2018 furthermore promotes the line Grestone, “the new stone”, that includes up to the 30% of inert materials which they come from urban waste, and it is realised in different types of thickness from 4,5 to 6,5, able to respond to high stresses up until now unimaginable for the ceramic surfaces. A new generation of products, such as a cobblestone made of porcelain. That pave the way for the use of ceramic surfaces in the different context of urban flooring and street design, because they have all the technical and economic advantages of porcelain and additionally they benefit from the advantages of recyclable materials which guarantee the maximum performance in the Green Public Procurement.

How we do

Saxa Gres states the principle of circularity in all of its activities. Circular is the path that brought to the reopening of some historic plants, in an area which has suffered from an economic crisis, with the achievement of the rehiring of more than 500 people. And circular are the methods of production of the materials, made with a mix of ashes and clays which come from an incinerator and a quarry that belongs to our territory. These guarantee the certification Ecolabel to our products with the maximum of the Green element. Choices that prefer “zero km” products, which returns life and dignity to waste materials, with really positive effects in terms of economic and environmental sustainability; and to whole areas that have all the potentiality to go back to think big.

SAXA Surface

Our surfaces are inspired by the most fascinating and current material suggestions and can be produced in a wide and articulated range of colours.
To meet any kind of stylistic and design needs, and with a view to maximise customization, we also offer on-demand reproduction of graphics, surfaces and colours.

SAXA Outdoor Thickness

For all of the types of outdoor location, Saxa Gres produces porcelain tiles with thickness 2cm and thickness 3cm, characterised by an exceptional resistance which make them the ideal solution also for the driveway space. The tiles can be placed with different modalities: using the traditional screed, on pedestals or dry on sand.


The tiles with thickness 2cm, authentic two centimetres , are available in the three square sizes 60×60, 90×90 and 80×80, in the rectangular sizes 60×120 – 40×120 and 40×80. The tiles with thickness 3cm, authentic three centimetres, are available in square sizes 60×60 – 90×90 and in the rectangular sizes 40×80. A variety of choice which assures versatility and wide customisable design, making possible the realisation of many laying patterns in reply to the different architectural needs.

Where we are

Saxa Gres is operational right now in Anagni, Frosinone and soon will expand its own manufacturing also in Roccasecca, still in Frosinone, and in GualdoTadino, Perugia: three big manufacturing plants prior to the birth of the group, which interrupted or drastically decreased their own business because of the economic crisis. At the end of some important project of reconversion, the plants work now to the best of their abilities, making Saxa Gres the biggest organization producing tiles and other ceramic surfaces in the Center and in the south of Italy, and in wider terms, outside of the district of Sassuolo.

About Us

Saxa Gres is a business group established from italian and international funds, which was created in 2015 to affirm a new philosophy of manufacturing inspired to the principles of the circular economy in the industry of ceramic tiles. It produces only tiles with high thickness, from 1 to 6 cm, third party, for producers and italian and international companies.